Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finding the right pair..make u look slimmer & sexy

The 10 Best Style Strategies We've Ever Heard
1. Consider buying one size smaller. Jeans can stretch 10 percent after moderate wear, so when trying them on, be sure they hug your body.
2. Buy two pairs. If you find a style you love, buy one and have it hemmed to wear with flats and keep the other long to wear with heels.
3. Choose a zipper over a button fly. It gives a cleaner, smoother look -- no bunching.
4. Bring your favorite belt along when you shop. If you want to wear one, make sure the jean loops fit.
5. Wash and dry your jeans before any alterations. This will ensure that shrinkage is accounted for.
6. Keep the original hem. It may cost more, but for a seamless finish, request that the original hem be put back on.
7. Always wash in cold water. Warm water can cause shrinkage. (Turn them inside out to prevent fading.)
8. Skip fabric softener. It can break down the dye, leading to color loss.
9. Air-dry your jeans. Heat can shrink the fabric.
10. Dry-clean dressy jeans. This will keep the rinse darker and fresher-looking.

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