Tuesday, November 3, 2009


ok guys. i don't know wht to share today. finally i got an idea to share about one of d most important facet in makeup, foundation. it is d base for any make up application, which could help to hide facial imperfection such as scars, depression and pigmented areas of skin. but for me. i used foundation just to protect, or cover my skin from d drying sun and wind.

i try a lot of different brands of makeup. now i want to share 3 different types of foundation ive used.

d first foundation ive used is maybelline white stay mousse in ivory colour. picking d rite color for foundation can be tricky actually. bcos i think d ivory color is not suitable for me. so, it doesn't suit my face tone at all. rugi saja i beli. haha. but itsokey. i can use it as a concealer. to cover a small scars on my skin. ;). em actually i'm not really satisfied with this type of foundation. i mean the cream type. bcos.. my face is easily sweat. and bila muka i berpeluh. dat foundation make my face look like i wearing flour je. tak natural gitu. haha. maybe this type of foundation only suitable for those who not easily sweating like me. haha.

then, i bought this 1.. loreal true match mineral. in golden beige color, 10grams. it is a mineral foundation and suitable for all skin type. *currently i use this*. personally i satisfy wit this product. bcos.. ramai orang cakap it is suit for me. (+_+). and fortunately d color ive chose is closest to my skin color. *wit help of d consultant*. cuma masa mula2 pakai tu rasa a little bit gatal2 la on my face. i don't know why. tapi i tahan je la. lelama macam da okey.. so sesapa yg mula2 terasa gatal2 tu tahan jela eh. maybe kulit u ol tak dapat bernafas kot. lelama maybe ok. tapi kalo tak ok jugak. better u stop using that product.

i oso hv tried d trial pack of Clinique Perfectly Makeup Teint. it is d best among all of these 3 actually. it is a waterproof foundation and easily absorb by skin. and it also waterproof. since d price is d most expensive, so i rather choose loreal. actually takde la mahal sangat pun. tapi i kan student lagi. taknak la berlagak pakai barang mahal2 ni. takde duit. haha. lagipun i suka use this for d makeup tutorial at home.. pakai 2 minit then i cuci.. so u ol pikir sendiri la... ;)

all these 3.. kalo rarely use macam i ni. biasa tahan more than 3 month. but if u regularly use it. maybe 1 or 2 month je kot. it depends on how much and how frequent u use it. ;)

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