Monday, December 21, 2009

love being single..haha

Since i’d been minus a boyfriend for a while. My life was fantastic. But no-one really believed me when i said i loved being single. ‘Ey thought i was pretending it didn’t bother me.

It’s ok to be single. At most of us have a solo phase at some stage – no matter how smart, glamourous or dateable we may be. Single girls re starting to be seen as strong, sexy and most of all, selective. Being single really can be one of the best time in out life. There’s time to invest in a career and to establish ourselves both professionally and financially. We no longer depend on a man to bring home to bacon, which allows us to be more selective in our choices. We’re looking for completely different qualities than those in our parents’ day – we want strong communication, emotional intelligence and a few laugh. We want someone who can support us in our busy, thriving lives.

This is a generation of women who re saying ‘If it’s not great, i don’t want it. I can have a great life in this modern world, where there re equal rights for women and great jobs and lots of opportunities.’ U don’t need a man to protect u, u don’t need a man for money and u don’t need a man to make an impact in life and do what u want to do. And staying with someone for the sake of it isn’t just a waste of time, it could also be brick-walling future opportunities.

U re going to miss opportunities for a great new boyfriend, a fun night out with the girls, or a trip with some old mates where u’ll meet someone else or find a thing u want to do for the rest of ur life.

Dating myself taught me lots of things – what i love doing, who my really good friends re and what’s important to me. It gave me time to travel as well as focus on my career. It made me think about what i wanted in a guy and, bacause i wasn’t in a rush to live my cosy single life, it made it easy for me for me to not settle for anything less than that. The most important thing i realised? U re not going to find the best person for u if u re not being urself.

A real relationship, whether it’s with a friend or a lover, is about finding someone who brings out of the best in u, enjoys the best in u and loves u for the things that u love.

Take a break and think about who u ve been with and why, what went wrong, what went right, and what u’d like to happen in the future, u can go into the next relationship and keep hitting the same brick wall.