Monday, January 4, 2010


many people said that i looked like a very happy-go-lucky person and seems like i don’t have any problem in my life. it is not about to smack one’s lip but i shall tell them the truth. to the letter, i am not like what they said. i used to kick up one’s heel the way to cover all the bad things that happen in my life. it is not eager for me to hear one said “u re so lucky, u re a very happy person” or whatever. but the truth is, i am a person who really down to the mouth.

it is been a very long time i am not writing in my blog. yeah. i was out at heels, down at heels. in the twinkling of an eye, sooner i will be a teacher. even though just a practical teacher, but it is still a 'teacher'. huh. i’ve been deep in thought about how to go through the phase being a teacher.

i think it is hard to carry the responsibilities to be a teacher. i can't take it off-hand anyway. furthermore i’m not the kind of person who has ‘that’ attitude. i mean, very good attitude. my mom always said, to be a teacher means to be a role model to the society. and she always babbled about my bad behaviour like “macam mana la awak nak jadi cikgu nanti, bangun tidur pun lambat. nanti nak jadi cikgu kena jadi role model pada student tapi now awak sendiri pun tak betul... bla.. blaa..” and etc. and i replied “ala nanti dah jadi cikgu pandai-pandaila orang bangun awal. apa la mak ni... bla.. blaaa..” haha.. sometimes i get headache with my mom coz she is too worried about me.

i can’t imagine how my life will going on soon. wake up as early as 6 o’clock every morning and get ready to school before 6.45 o’clock. go to school and carrying the duty as a teacher. then going home at the evening, make a reflection about the previous lessons and prepare the lesson plan for the next lesson. and sleep early at night. my days will overwhelmed by work. whoa busynya!

and i am still thinking.. how will it be..

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