Saturday, July 10, 2010

kali pertama bertentangan mata...

no sooner had we get knew each other, then we decided to meet. he came to chukai with norman. as i couldn't easily 'escape' from my mom wahahaha i asked my sister to pick me up at home, and she asked for my mother's permission to bring me out. konon-konon keluar dengan kakak lah..

i met the two guys at 3D cafe. first time i saw him, it was like 'wow! i can't believe it!' haha.. he looked totally different as in the picture. but i tried to act cool like nothing happen. hihi. and he looked very busy with his mobile phone, so to speak, mungkin dia segan nak cakap dengan aku.. glad norman were there, kalo tak mati kutu lah kami agaknya. haha..

after we had our tea at 3D cafe, we went to the mosque to perform solat maghrib.

nak jadikan cerita, my sister also had a dinner with her friends on that night. then she left me with those guys. alamak! macam mana ni... emm..

they looked like uninterested when i asked them to go for karaoke. susah sangat, i request them to accompany me to go shopping. bukan shopping clothes or another interesting stuff but shopping barang dapur! hahaha.. norman just waited in the car while rizal and i went into the market. ha, romantic tak first time dating dalam market sambil shopping sayur, bawang and so on?..

around 10 o'clock, as my sister asked me to join her friends, we dismissed.

along his way back to marang, kami bersms. dia asyik say thanks je kat aku sebab sudi jumpa dia haritu. dia humble, tu sikap dia yang paling aku suka. hehe. lepas tu, kami terus berkawan...

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