Friday, September 30, 2011


i am 24 years old today. when peoples ask me after this, how old are u? so, i must answer the number 24. i am no longer 23 :). now i have a perfect family. a husband and son. thank Allah for everything You has given me. a very charming husband and very adorable son. i also have a mother that need so much attention from me. i tried and i will keep trying to give a lot f attention to her. i love them so much! i also keep trying to get myself out of the big problem that overwhelmed my mind all this while. seems like it could be handle time by time.

in 24 years old age, i also have a job which can ensure for my future. i just need to be dedicated with my job. in this age, i really hope that i can carry my duty on works very well. i want to bring up all my students to success and do all the task given as good as i can. hopefully Allah could give me energy and strength!

i have family, career and friends. i am thankful to all this gifts. alhamdulillah..

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